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Freeasy Inner Tank Top

by Phiten
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Freeasy Inner Tank Top

From Stressed Skin to Relaxed Skin. ~Gentleness comes from feeling it on your skin. A relaxed and comfortable everyday life.

An inner tank top that is light and soft, and gentle against the skin

A gentle inner that reduces tingling and sticks to the skin.

100% cotton, a soft, natural material
Ribbed knitting that feels cool and features elasticity.
Protects against prickles! Stitched with a hypoallergenic design and gentle to the skin.

Phiten Freeasy Series 

Is a total skin health brand that is particular about softness and gentleness on the skin,
We are particular about the gentleness on the skin and soft materials that women who are busy every day can take a breath at the moment when they wear them, and the appearance that they want to wear in their daily lives.

Key Features

  • Made of natural cotton, soft against the skin.

  • Gently fit the skin with elastic knitting fabric.
  • Ribbed fabric with an uneven surface, which makes the contact surface small against the skin and cool to the touch.
  • There are no side seams because it is a tubular fabric.

  • Skin-friendly sewing with less prickling because seams around the neck and hem, and tags are outside the skin.

  • Hem seams are sewn outside because usually the hems of ribbed tank tops are hemstitched and do not feel good against the skin.


  • Aqua Gold Technology


  • 100% Cotton

Direction of Care 

  • Handle the product carefully as it is a delicate material.
  • Do not use fluorescent brighteners.
  • Wash separately from dark colors
  • Wash with a laundry net.
  • Cover with a cloth when using an iron.

What's in The Box? (Based on Your Selection)

  • 1 x Inner Tank Top


  • Not Applicable
  • Please note that this item is not valid for exchanges due to hygiene reasons