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Kebijakan pengembalian uang


  • We will accept Exchanges within 7 days.
  • Orders made Online
    - Our courier’s acknowledgment slip will verify it
  • Orders from our shop(s)
    It will be verified against the receipt for the date of purchase
  • There will strictly be no refund of the amount spent with us.
  • Customers can use the same amount for other items should they are not able to find a replacement
  • Or the amount can be utilized to offset a higher-priced item
  • The Balance amount will not be refunded
  • Membership points accumulated will be reversed.
  • Your item must be original packaging; the original seal must be intact and in its original packaging.
  • The item must be new, unused, undamaged, and must be in a re-sellable condition.
  • We will not accept returns once items are used or worn.
  • As proof of purchase, the returned items must be accompanied by our official receipt and our locally issued warranty card where applicable.
  • Please bring the item to our shop in Marina Square #02-313 and our team will be able to assist you accordingly.



  • Refunds will only be in the form of store credit, and strictly there will not be any refund made in cash.
  • Alternatively, the customer may exchange for another product of a similar price or top up the difference.
  • Customer will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs and all taxes related to returning non-faulty items.
  • Shipping cost here applies to both domestic and international shipping. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • It must be in its original condition with its original packaging
  • The items are not to be worn or used
  • Gifts, points, vouchers, or items related to promotions, if any, will have to be returned to the merchant to complete the exchange process. 


    • Where applicable, products sold come with a 6 months warranty with effect from the date of our official receipt.
    • Where applicable; the Warranty only covers manufacturing defects.
    • Wear and tear conditions are not accepted as part of the Warranty.


    • We do not accept exchange, return or refund for undergarments, socks, and sale items.
    • Please allow up to 14 working days for your refund to be processed.
    • Do drop an email at for any further inquiries.
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