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Rakuwa Ring Slash

by Phiten
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A unique pair of striking faces adorned with distinct finishes, featuring a sleek titanium plate that boasts a combination of mirror surface and matte treatments.

Adaptability is key, as this design accommodates fingers of various sizes through the convenient interchangeability of its elastic bands, available in two adjustable sizes.

Discover a new realm of versatility with this remarkable ring, where two opposing faces converge to create a harmonious blend of style and sophistication.

Key Features

·         A revolutionary ring that showcases contrasting aesthetics through the art of polishing.

·         Features two distinct faces meticulously crafted from titanium.

·         One face boasts a captivating mirror surface, reflecting light with unparalleled brilliance

·         The other face, adorned with a soothing matte finish, exudes an understated elegance

·         Two types of bands included with the ring, each designed to cater to different sizes.

·         With its innovative elastic band, this ring can be effortlessly adjusted to match your specific finger size, ensuring maximum comfort and a snug fit

Suggestion Of Use

  • Aids in relieving the symptoms associated with trigger finger
  • Helps improve blood circulation. 
  • Helps relieve finger discomfort.
  • Has a relaxing effect
  • A beautiful and classy accessory with health benefits
  • Suitable for all occasions


  • Patented Metax Technology.

Band Size

·         M Band - 49.2mm~57.6mm

·         L Band - : 58.6mm~68.0mm

·         50cm


Band Fabric

·         Polyester

·         Polyurethane


·         Titanium

      Spring Bar

·         Stainless Steel

Direction of Care

  • May wear it daily
  • Remove during shower
  • Hand wash with mild soap

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Plate
  • 2 x Bands (Size M & L)


  • No warranty

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan