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Freeasy Bath Towel

by Phiten
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Freeasy Bath Towel

From Stressed Skin to Relaxed Skin. ~Gentleness comes from feeling it on your skin. A relaxed and comfortable everyday life.

“Imabari Quality” is recognized by the World

Soft and fluffy bath towels that feel gentle on the skin 

The cotton is cultivated in an earth-friendly way.

Clears the quality standards set by the Imabari Towel Industry Association.

It has acquired the brand mark of “Imabari Towel”’ which has outstanding water absorption and strength.

Phiten Freeasy Series 

Is a total skin health brand that is particular about softness and gentleness on the skin,
We are particular about the gentleness on the skin and soft materials that women who are busy every day can take a breath at the moment when they wear them, and the appearance that they want to wear in their daily lives.


  • Environmentally friendly BMP cotton is used.
  • BMP (Best Management Practices) cotton is Australian cotton grown in harmony with the natural environment using earth-friendly methods that reduce water and pesticide use.

  • Soft and fluffy.

  • Using a special technique, the yarn is loosely woven while air is contained between the fibers, and the pile is lengthened to create a fluffy and voluminous finish.

  • This towel is perfect for bath time, as you can feel its softness the moment you touch it on your bare skin.

  • The natural coloring visually expresses gentleness.

  • A quality bath towel with outstanding absorbency and strength.
  • Certified Imabari Towel product (water absorbency, dye fastness, etc.).

  • Towel with excellent water absorbency.


  • Aqua Gold Technology 

Direction of Care 

  • Handle the product carefully as it is a delicate material.
  • Do not use fluorescent brighteners.
  • Wash separately from dark colors
  • Wash with a laundry net.
  • Due to the feature of the material, fluff may come off due to friction.
  • Due to the feature of the product, be careful in handling it because it is easy to catch on protrusions.
  • If fray is found, cut it without pulling.


  • 100% Cotton
What's in the BOX
  • 1 x Bath Towel


  • 120cm x 60cm 


  • Not Applicable 

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made in Japan