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Freeasy Bath Towel

by Phiten
SKU TU598000
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Freeasy Bath Towel

A bath towel that feels soft and gentle on your bare skin. 

Phiten freeasy is a total skin health brand that focuses on the softness and gentleness on the skin. 

From Stressed Skin to Comfortable Skin 


"Imabari Quality" 

  • Recognized by the world
  • Clears the quality standards set by the Imabari Towel Industry Association
  • Has acquired the brand mark of "Imabari Towel" which has outstanding water absorption and strength. 

Eco-Friendly Cotton 

  • Cultivated in an earth-friendly way by reducing the amount of water and pesticides used
  • Australian cotton, BMP (Best Management Practice) cotton is used in harmony with the natural environment

Fluffy, Soft, and Voluminous

  • Using a special technology, the yarn is loosely twisted with air between the fibers, and the pi;e is lengthened to create a fluffy, soft and voluminous finish


  • Aqua Gold 


  • Cotton 100% 


  • 120cm (L) x  60cm (W) 


  • Natural 

Direction of Care

  • Handle the product carefully as it is a delicate material.
  • Do not use fluorescent brighteners.
  • Wash separately from dark colors
  • Wash with a laundry net.
  • Due to the feature of the material, fluff may come off due to friction.
  • Due to the feature of the product, be careful in handling it because it is easy to catch on protrusions.
  • If fray is found, cut it without pulling.


  • Not Applicable 

Country of Manufacturing 

  • Made in Japan