Star Series X30 3-Fold Pillow

by Phiten
SKU YO503000
Model No.

3 Fold Pillow X30

Multi-purpose cushion for a relaxing support anytime anywhere.

Rest your back, by placing it on the floor or use this to take a power nap while sitting in-between breaks.

Infused with 30 times more Aqua Metal technology 

AQUA TITAN helps to reorganise bioelectrical current disturbance and regulate blood circulation. Titanium is a hypoallergenic and biocompatible metal which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Use only high quality urethane foam; environmentally friendly material
Urethane Foam MDI Cold Foam clear EU specification on toxic substance usage limit which will reduces the exposure on the potentially harmful chemical


  • Infused with Phiten® unique Aqua Titanium Technology that has 30 times the concentration of the process.
  • These technologies have been patented and has provided numerous health benefits.
  • Top-quality low rebounding material that distributes our weight evenly to eliminate the pressure of our body
  • Cold Foam is used to minimise the exposure of chemical while we are using it
  • Has a therapeutic effect that aids in recovery and improves blood circulation.

What Makes our Phiten STANDOUT?

  • Cold Foam will reduce our exposure of breathing in chemically derived from Hot Foam

How it Works


  • Patented Aqua Titanium Technology X 30 times the concentration for is immediate efficacy 

Suggestion of Use

  • As a back support
  • Fold it as a pillow 
  • Spread it and lay over on the floor


  • Urethane Foam MDI Cold Foam 
  • Polyester

Direction of Care

  • Air it periodically for hygiene reason

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x 3 Fold Pillow 
  • When spread out - 47.5cm Width X 840 cm Length X 25 mm Thickness 
  • When folded up – 47.5cm Width X 280 Length X 80 mm Thickness
  • Weight 900 gram


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing


  • Made In Japan