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Rakuwa Bracelet S Modulus

by Phiten
SKU XTE57525
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Rakuwa Bracelet S Modulus

A bracelet that is simple yet has a strong presence

The unevenness of the main body gives a profound feeling and is finished in a chic design by making it a single color.

The one-ring type bracelet is easy to expand and contract and can be easily attached and detached.

The silicone material is resistant to water and sweat.

Can be used in a wide range of both sports scenes and everyday life.

Key Features

• A simple bracelet yet with a profound feeling

• A one-ring type bracelet that adopts METAX and can be easily attached and detached.

• Uses silicone material that is resistant to water and sweat.

Suggestion of Use

• Helps ease the constant stress.

• Helps improve blood circulation.

• Enhancing strength and flexibility

• Helps alleviate the pain or soreness

• Great for sports or daily activities

What Makes our Phiten Products STANDOUT?

• Contains Metax® Technology.

• Helps alleviate the effect of constant tension in your arms, shoulders, and hands.


• Metax Technology


• Silicone

Direction of Care

• Wash it by hand with mild soap and water and dry naturally

• Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.

• Encourages to wear it daily

• Possible to shower with it without losing its efficacy

What’s In The Box

• 1 x Rakuwa Bracelet S Modulus


• No warranty

Country of Manufacturing

• Made In Philippines

• However, the product is sent back to Phiten Japan for the process of its technology