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O2 Weekday Package 10 Sessions FOC 3 (P10W)

by Phiten
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O2 Weekday Package 10 Sessions FOC 3 (P10W)


Mondays to Fridays 

10 Sessions FOC 3 Sessions - Total 13 Sessions


Valid for 5 months

$748 ($57.53 per session)


Experience an additional 5% more oxygen for better relaxation – the safest, simplest, and most effective way to benefit the general public.

Contemporary Human Body Oxygen
is essential for the maintenance of our general health.
Our body tends to experience a lack of oxygen due to inadequate exercise or fatigue.

Another reason is also due to the current pollution of the environment,

whereby the amount of oxygen is reduced per intake.
This leads to the weakening of our cardiopulmonary function and ultimately leads to depressed oxygen intake.

Phiten N O2 - Hyperbaric Air Therapy,
offers you the need to promote additional oxygen intake in an air chamber to aid recovery, fatigue, anti-aging, and general health reasons.

Benefits of Phiten Hyperbaric Air Chamber (O2) 

  • Reliving fatigue – to recover from a day’s work

  • Reducing Eye strain

  • Improves a person’s concentration

  • Relieving swelling and coldness of hand/leg

  • Promoting cell metabolism for recovery from injury.

  • Promoting better blood circulation

  • Skin beauty

  • Anti-Aging

  • Aid recovery

  • Avoiding the possibility of oxidant stress or toxicity as oxidization.

  • Avoiding the possibility of physical harm by oxygen explosion.