Star Series Reversible Pillow Pad

by Phiten
SKU YO654000
Model No.

Star Series Reversible Pillow Pad

Supports comfortable sleep by using both sides properly!

The smooth and cool linen side is recommended during hot weather.

Key Features

  • It has excellent hygroscopicity and wicking properties, and it is made of hemp fiber that releases heat, so it is not sticky even if you sweat, and it leads to a good night's sleep even on summer nights. 
  • The cotton side, which uses Tenjiku knit, which is characterized by its soft and smooth texture, gently snuggles up to the body and is a perfect material for spring and autumn when the climate changes greatly.
  • Does not slip easily


  • Width approx. 63 cm x depth approx. 43 cm


  • Blue


  • Woven fabric surface: 55% linen, 45% cotton
  • Middle material: 100% polyester
  • Knit fabric surface: 100% cotton

Direction of Care

  • Machine washable (hand wash)


  • Aqua Gold

What's in the Package

  •  1 x Pillow Pad


  • Not Applicable