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Titanium Chain Bracelet Kihei Wide

by Phiten
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Introducing a piece of jewelry that radiates brilliance and captivates all who behold it: our Polished Titanium Chain Bracelet.

Crafted with precision and care, this bracelet boasts a wide ring titanium chain that's been expertly cut and polished to perfection.

Whether you're heading to the office or diving into your favorite games, this bracelet is your ultimate companion.

Not only does it elevate your style, but it also offers you a multitude of benefits. Say goodbye to those pesky muscle aches and hello to enhanced performance

What Makes Our Phiten Bracelets STANDOUT?

  • It's not just about fashion; it's about your health too!

How it Works


  • Patented AQUA METAL Technology

Key Features

  • Precision Polishing: Our titanium chain undergoes meticulous cutting and polishing to eliminate the dullness typically associated with titanium, leaving it with a luxurious, captivating shine.
  • Adjustable Elegance: The wide loop of the chain ensures that you can customize it to your desired size, ensuring a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day.
Suggestion of Use
  • Daily Elegance: Elevate your everyday style effortlessly, whether at work or leisure.

  • Stress Relief: Experience the soothing comfort of our bracelet, helping you ease away constant stress.

  • Circulation Enhancement: Improve blood circulation, revitalizing your body and mind.

  • Strength & Flexibility: Empower yourself with increased strength and flexibility, making daily activities more manageable.

  • Pain Alleviation: Say goodbye to discomfort as our bracelet assists to relieve muscle stiffness and aches in the wrist, arm, and hand 

  • Ideal for All Activities: Perfect for sports or daily routines, offering support.

  • Muscle Relaxation: Unwind and relax stiff muscles with the healing properties of Phten Technology

  • Unisex Appeal: Designed for both men and women, it's a versatile accessory that complements everyone's style and well-being needs.


  • Pure Titanium


  • 19cm 

Direction of Care

  • Hand wash with mild soap

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Necklace


  • 1 year warranty from the date of receipt against manufacturing defects only

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan