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Freeasy Bath Towel

by Phiten
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Introducing our luxurious bath towel, meticulously crafted for your ultimate comfort. Crafted from environmentally-conscious BMP (Best Management Practice) cotton, this towel is not only gentle on your bare skin but also on the planet.

Our unique manufacturing technique involves a delicate twist that infuses air between the fibers, resulting in a sumptuously long pile that feels incredibly plush and soft to the touch. Experience superior water absorption and durability with this exceptional bath towel, elevating your daily self-care routine to a whole new level of indulgence.


  • Eco-Friendly BMP Cotton: Our towels are crafted from BMP (Best Management Practices) cotton, sustainably grown in Australia, ensuring harmony with nature and reducing water and pesticide usage.

  • Innovative Weaving Technique: Our towels are meticulously crafted using a unique weaving technique. Air is trapped between the fibers, and the pile is elongated to achieve a plush and voluminous finish.

  • Ultimate Softness: Experience unmatched softness the moment our towel touches your bare skin, making it perfect for bathtime luxury.

  • Natural Color Palette: Our towels feature natural coloring that visually represents gentleness, adding a touch of serenity to your bathroom decor.

  • Certified Imabari Towel: Our towels are certified for exceptional water absorbency and dye fastness, guaranteeing a high-quality product that stands the test of time.


  • AquaGold Technology 


  • 100% Cotton 

Size Measurement 

  • 220cm x 160cm

Direction of Care 

  • Handle the product carefully as it is a delicate material.
  • Do not use fluorescent brighteners.
  • Wash separately from dark colors
  • Wash with laundry net.
  • Due to the feature of the material, fluff may come off due to friction.
  • Due to the feature of the product, be careful in handling it because it is easy to catch on protrusions.
  • If fray is found, cut it without pulling.

What's In The Box 

  • 1 X Freeasy Bath Towel


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan