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Metax Insole Metatarsal

by Phiten
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Metax Insole Metatarsal

Recommended for those who often walk with hard shoes such as pumps or heels.

Focus on the metatarsal bone.

Silicone sole pads stretch out the muscles of the sole of the foot and adjust the lateral arches.

Key Features

  • Infused with unique METAX Technology - a unique Phiten® technology that provides health benefits.
  • Designed to cushion your feet and absorb your weight when you move.

What Makes our PHITEN Insole STANDOUT:

  • Perfect for everyday use especially if you are on your feet all day.
  • Feel the lightness of your feet during your run.
  • Exceptional foot support with Phiten unique impact-absorbing technology
  • Reduces foot fatigue & prevents knee injury
  • Can be cut with scissors to fit your existing shoe sizes for both females and males.
  • Helps perform better in indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Helps relieve aches and pain in the heel and foot area.
  • Helps prevent wear and tear in your knee joints while walking and running.

How it Works


  • Metax

Suggestion of Use

  • A guideline for each size is printed on the back of the product. Please cut it according to the guideline
  • Insert to any covered shoes
  • Aids in recovery


  • Acrylic foam
  • Polyester
  • Silicone

Direction of Care

  • Recommended to wear it daily
  • Hand wash with mild soap

What's in The Box

  • 1 pair of Insole
  • 1 pair of Metatarsal Stick-on Pad


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made in Japan