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Rakuwa Bracelet X100 Leather Touch

by Phiten
SKU TG415001
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Rakuwa Bracelet X100 Leather Touch

Ultimate Performance Gear, an amalgamation of the best performance and design, is the performance gear to support those who continue to battle in different fields.

The supportive actions can be said to be the mission of Ultimate Performance Gear. We are proud to present the new item Leather Touch, the bracelet that adds stylish elements and is able to match different fields.

  • The cord is permeated with Aqua Titan X100, 100 times more concentrated than the level.

  • A leather-like texture is used on the cord instead of genuine leather. Colors on the cord would not fade by sweating and it would not dirt the cuffs when in a business scene.

  • Pure titanium is used on the clasp part. The combination part in the center of the fastener has been shaped in a smart form.

  • The X100 Leather Touch set consists of a stylish pouch and 2 colored cords (brown and black)

  • Available in 2 sizes (43cm or 34 cm). The cord can be changed to match different styles and fields.

With 100 times more AquaTitan technology, Phiten is introducing a bracelet that combines health and wellness benefits with a durable sleek design.

Beautiful Modern Design

It is one of the cutting-edge and forward designs that Phiten has done. It comes with 2 cords for inter-changeabilities to suit the different moods you feel for the day. It has durable titanium and carbon clasp making it easy to remove and put on.

A Must-Have

This is a must-have for athletes or your job entails the same amount of strain on your hands or arms, like a  or a computer technician

What Makes our Phiten Bracelets STANDOUT?

  • Contains 100 times more AQUA TITANIUM® Technology
  • It has the perfect shell to house the high concentration of Aqua-Titanium
  • Clasps made of pure titanium
  • Soft and Rich texture makes it elegant looking

    How it Works

    • http://bit.ly/AquaMetalIntro


    • Patented AQUA METAL Technology X100 Times

    Suggestion of Use

    • Ease the constant stress.
    • Improve blood circulation.
    • Enhancing strength and flexibility 
    • Helps alleviate the pain and restoration of your overall well being
    • Relax stiff muscles.


      • Polyester
      • Stainless Steel 
      • Pure Titanium 

        Direction of Care

        • May wear it on a daily basis
        • Please remove during shower

          What's In The Box

          • 1 x Black Cord
          • 1 x Brown Cord
          • 1 Clasp


          • 6 months warranty from date of receipt against manufacturing defects only

          Country of Manufacturing

          • Made In China
          • However, the product is sent back to Phiten Japan for the process of its technology