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Metax High-Tech Sneakers 2022AW Model

by Phiten
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Sneakers using Phiten's first original outsole that specializes in walking support function.


Main Features

High Grip

  •        The entire outsole uses a tacky material which helps to reduce slippage in the rain and rough roads.

Reduce Burden

  •        The original outsole is made with a focus on ease of walking, and the hardness of the outside and inside is adjusted to prevent the heel from falling inward. Reduces the burden on the foot by making the landing of the foot neutral.


  •        Stabilizers are used to support walking.
  •        Made of soft and elastic material. It converts the impact that occurs when you land into propulsive force and supports ease of walking.

High Breathability

  •        Adopting a mesh material for the entire upper achieves high breathability and reduces stuffiness.

Taping Line

  •       Taping line on the side reduces discomfort when walking and supports stability.


  •      Uses a string that hooks your finger on the opening and heel, making it easy to put on and take off.

Antibacterial & Deodorant

  •     An antibacterial and deodorant function is used in the insole part to reduce unpleasant odors.

Key Features

  • Deodorizing effect
  • Provide better mobility.
  • Help reduce body pains.
  • Helps relieve muscle stiffness and aches.
  • Help reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Ensure improved performance during rigid training or exercises!


  • Metax Technology


  • Upper: Synthetic fibers, Synthetic resins
  • Outsoles: Synthetic sole

Direction Of Care

  • Choose shoes that are the right size for your feet.
  • If it gets wet with sweat or rain, or due to friction, the color may transfer to other parts of clothing or shoes. Please be careful when wearing light-colored socks or clothing. Also, it may fade slightly.
  • Avoid using the shoes on oily roads or in situations where oil is often in contact, as the shoes may slip, or the soles may be damaged.
  • Be especially careful when using on wet roads, icy roads, snowy roads, tile floors, marble floors, etc., as they become slippery regardless of the shape of the sole.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. 
  • If it gets dirty, gently wipe it off with a tightly wrung wet cloth.
  • When drying, dry in the shade in a well-ventilated.


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made in China