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Metax Ball Massager 2pcs

by Phiten
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Massage Ball for the Whole Body

Eases muscles soreness


  • Easy Self-massage 

- Easy self-massage whenever you like! 

- Can be used throughout the body. 

- It is not excessively weak and not too painful, you can adjust the intensity on your own.

3 Uniqueness

  • Hardness

- Not as hard as a golf ball, and not too soft as a tennis ball

- Just the right hardness of silicone material,  good shiatsu pressure with non-slip material

- Stimulates the nerve for the relief of tension 

  • Size

- Comfortably light-weight but yet robust silicone material for the self reliance massage

  • Shape

- 82 diamond cuts for that perfect reach to the acupressure points

- During massage, if it is a round ball it rolls around, but this shape does not roll, so it is hard to lose

Usage Areas

  • Foot Sole 
  • Neck & Shoulder 
  • Around the arm
  • Calf 


  • Metax Technology 


  • Silicone 


  • 43mm x 45mm x 42mm 


  • Not Applicable 

Country of Manufacturing 

  • Made in Japan