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Lock In Color Shampoo

by Phiten
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Lock In Color Shampoo

For those who are concerned about hair color, perm hair, and hair damage.

A shampoo designed for prolonging the richness of color while moisturizing dry, color-treated hair.

Moisturizes hair damaged by color and perm and keeps it shining.

What Makes our Yuko STANDOUT?

  • Collaboration with Yuko Yamashita, a renowned Hair Care Specialist
  • Revitalize our blood circulation nerves in our head
  • Prevents UV rays damage when out in the sun
  • A shampoo containing naturally derived ingredients such as rice butter, plum fruit extract, and yuzu ceramide.
  • Amino-acid derivative helps to repair hair structure.
  • Rejuvenate our hair that is damaged by coloring
  • Protects loss of protein in our hair due to perming
  • Bring back the lustre in our hair
  • Ultramarine Citrus Scent

How it Works


  • Aqua Gold

Suggestion of Use

  • Use it daily


  • Gold
  • Citrus Fruits ceramide
  • Plum extract
  • Hydrogenated Rice

Direction of Care

  • Use a small amount of shampoo

What's in The Package

  • 1 bottle of 300ml
  • OR
  • 1 packet of 1000ml refill pack


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan