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Supporter Elbow Middle Band

by Phiten
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Supporter Elbow Middle Band

Pinpoint fix parts that make you feel uncomfortable when you move your elbows or grips to support your forearms.

Can be adjusted with the removable auxiliary belt. 

The side pads press on the forearm and support the movement of the arm, reducing the burden on the elbow.

You can use it for both left and right.


  • Made from a combination of HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE MATERIALS – Nylon, Polyurethane, elastomer pads natural rubber

  • Lightweight and breathable tendon and elbow support

  • Suitable for Both Men and Women

  • Support your elbow with a band designed for your joints, and compress the muscles and surrounding tendons for a more comfortable movement

  • Shock absorption - Buffers the stress on the elbow and tendons

  • get that support you need to freely move your arm without worrying about hurting it due to unnecessary strain on the muscles and ligaments

  • Absorbs moisture and sweat for that clean and comfortable feeling

  • Adds compression forearm to support the tendons and elbows

  • Helps improve blood circulation

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain; Aids in the recovery from arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, and other elbow related conditions and injuries

  • Perfect for daily use

What Makes our PHITEN Supporter Products STANDOUT:

  • Infused with Phiten® unique AQUA TITAN® and AQUA PALLADIUM Technology that has been proven to provide various health benefits

  • With is a soft but durable material

  • Fits both Right or Left Arm

  • It helps relieve pain and provide a comfortable, warm feeling 

  • It helps protect the joints

  • It helps improve blood circulation

  • It helps prevent tennis elbow

How it Works

  • http://bit.ly/AquaMetalIntro


  • Patented AQUA METAL Technology 

  • Patented AQUA PALLADIUM Technology for removal of water retention

Suggestion of Use

  • Wear it during activities

  • Helps in recovery


  • Nylon

  • Polyurethane

Direction of Care

  • May wear it daily

  • Hand Wash with mild soap

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Elbow Band


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan