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Metax Socks King Racer 5 Toe

by Phiten
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Metax Socks King Racer 5 Toe

Mastering the run and winning the race!

Socks For Runners!

Strengthening support capabilities and approaching the running economy. 

Equipped with 8 functions to lead to powerful and trouble-free high-level runs.

The three-dimensional design and lightweight lead to a powerful run with a feeling close to bare feet.

**Note: Please select one size larger than your usual size when purchasing these socks, as their cutting runs smaller than standard.


  • Lightweight socks for competition-oriented runners
  • By reducing the weight of the socks, we have enhanced the sense of unity between the shoes and the foot.
  • The taping line of the ankle and sole is connected to strengthen support for each part and prevent lateral shaking
  • High comfort 
  • The material is made of polyester, which has improved water absorbency, quick-drying properties, and abrasion strength.
  • Functional yarn that is antibacterial and odor-resistant.
  • The mesh structure from the top of the foot to the fingertips improves breathability.
  • Excellent fit and protection 
  • The three-dimensional knitting provides firm support from heel to toe and does not constrict the toes, making it easier to move the toes and grasp the ground.
  • The gussets on the toes make it easier to wear and fit.
  • In addition, there is almost no thread coming out on the back of the socks, which is a characteristic of socks, so there is no discomfort when wearing them.
  • The shape of the opening prevents pressing the Achilles tendon.


  • Metax Technology 


  • Polyester 
  • Cotton 

Direction of Care 

  • Do not use bleach.
  • Wash well in water and hang to dry in a shaded area.
  • Hang the socks to dry in a shaded area with the mouth of the socks facing upward.


  • 1 pair Metax Socks King Racer 5 Toe


  • Not Applicable 

Country of Manufacturing 

  • Made in Japan