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AquaGold Premium Moisture Lotion b

by Phiten
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AquaGold Premium Moisture Lotion b

Contains lutein, which absorbs the third blue light, "blue light," and prevents photoaging of the skin.

It is a lotion that helps the barrier function by the evolved hyaluronic acid-containing silicon and keeps the moisture.

It conditions the skin, as well as prevents stains from occurring.

The skin will feel rejuvenated with this alcohol and additive-free formula.

Key Features

  • Real supple and moisturized skin can not be realized only by delivering moisture from outside.

  • This Premium Moisture Lotion moisturizes deep into the corneum for longer-lasting moisturized skin.

  • This additive-free moisturizing lotion promotes supple and moisture-rich skin even from within.

  • Baby Apple Extract and Fermented Fig Extract have a moisture-retaining function, as well as smoothing out the skin due to improved facial elasticity.

  • Plankton Extract and Yeast Extract helps prevent stains on your skin, due to sunburn and dirt.

  • Sacran, Glycerin, and Diglycerine moisturize deep into the corneum, resulting in a longer moisturized skin tone.


  • AquaGold

  • Aqua Silver


  • Water, BG, glycerin, gold, diethoxyethyl succinate, PPG-10 methyl glucose, dimethylsilanol hyaluronate, Thermus thermophilus culture, Na malate, cocoyl arginine ethyl PCA, PPG-6 decyl tetradeceth-20, Pullulan, Pentate 5Na, Malic acid, Silver, Safflower oil, Enanthia chlorant bark extract, Xanthophyll, Koshironosen dungsa extract, Horsetail extract, Getto leaf extract, Dextran, Oleanolic acid, Trifluoroacetyltripeptide-2

How to Use

  • After washing your face with Phiten Aqua Gold Wash take the formula onto your hands or onto a cotton pad.

  • Gently pat onto your face and neck with the formula.