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AquaGold Lotion

by Phiten
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AquaGold Lotion

The AquaGold Lotion is a mist-type lotion that is gentle on the skin. The lotion can be applied either directly to the skin or over makeup

Contains lutein, which absorbs the third blue light, "blue light," and prevents photoaging of the skin*. 

A lotion that helps the barrier function by the evolved hyaluronic acid-containing silicon and keeps the moisture.

The lotion's ability to penetrate provides you with softer, more hydrated skin. 

The quick sprayable lotion helps save time on busy mornings. 
* Aging: Visual aging

Key Features

  • Helps to prep the skin before other skincare to lock in moisture 
  • High penetrating power
  • Protects collagen 
  • Tighten skin and pores
  • Achieve a transparent and firm skin
  • Absorb blue light
  • Tackles the cause of aging
  • Additive Free
  • Free from paraben, alcohol, tar pigment, and fragrance

Internal Capacity

  • 200ml

    Main Ingredients

    • Lutein
    • Moon Peach Leaf Extract
    • Horsetail Extract
    • New Peptide
    • Dimethysilanol Hyaluronic Acid


      • Apply about 10 sprays evenly over the face.
      • Gently pat the lotion with palm. 
      • Recommended to wait 5-10 minutes after a shower as remaining water may interfere with the penetration of nutrients


        • Aqua Gold
        • Aqua Silver

          Country of Manufacturing

          • Made in Japan