Rakuwa Necklace Extreme Crystal Touch

by Phiten
SKU TG798053
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Rakuwa Necklace Extreme Crystal Touch

A high-power necklace that uses a luxurious metax like a natural stone.

There is a sense of transparency and a sense of luxury like natural stone. 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight and water-resistant

  • Recommended not only for everyday use but also for sports scenes

  • Aluminum is used for the fastener which can be easily attached and detached with one-touch

  • Gentle on skin and durable making it ideal for sports 

Suggestion of Use

  • Helps ease the constant stress

  • Helps improve blood circulation

  • Improves blood flow and enhances performance

  • Helps alleviate the pain or soreness

  • Great for sports or daily activities


  • Sphere parts: Acrylic

  • Middle string: Stainless steel, Nylon

  • Fasteners:  Aluminum, Urethane & Acrylic


  • Metax Technology

Direction of Care

  • Encourages to wear it daily

  • Possible to shower with it without losing its efficacy

 What's In The Box

  • 1 x Necklace


  • Not Applicable