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Beads Cushion

by Phiten
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Beads Cushion

Support your prone posture and use it as a backrest or armrest, perfect for relaxing at home!

A cushion for lying down that does not put a strain on your arms and elbows. 

A well-balanced blend of 3 types of ingredients creates a soft, marshmallow-like texture.

With a tall three-dimensional structure, you can lie down comfortably. 


  • It is designed to widely support from the chest to the upper abdomen so that the arms do not put pressure even if resting elbows while posture of lie face down
  • An angle that allows you to use smartphones or read a book in a comfortable position.
  • It can be used for customers of various body shapes.
  • The 12cm diameter hole is designed and it penetrates to the bottom. Customers can put their face down on the cushion and rest while breathing.
  • If you put a cushion on your back, you can lie on your back.                                        
  • The same materials used for BODY PILLOW and FOOT PILLOW as well achieving a fluffy feeling and moving with fluidity.
  • The part that comes in contact with the body is made of stretchy fabric with comfortable touch, and on this part, Metax powder is pigment printed in circular dots.

What Makes our Phiten STANDOUT?

  • Supports lying down posture 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle fatigue 
  • A therapeutic effect that aids in recovery and improves blood circulation.
  • Infused with Phiten® unique Metax® Technology that has been proven to provide various health benefits.


  • Metax Technology

Suggestion of Use

  • Works great even when lying down
  • Use it as a support when lying down, sitting down 
  • For long hours of smartphone games or for a short break from desk work. 
  • Versatile for various positions while using your mobile phone, reading or watching TV


  • Polystyrene beads
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyester 

Direction of Care

  • Sun Dry
  • Not suitable for washing 

What's In The Box

  • 1 X Cushion


  • Not Applicable

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made in Japan