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Rakuwa Bracelet Extreme Stripe

by Phiten
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Rakuwa Bracelet Extreme Stripe

Improves blood flow and enhances performance

A silicone material that is gentle on the skin and dries quickly even when it gets wet with sweat or water.

Slip it on without slipping off during your rigorous workout.

Suggestion of Use

  • Helps ease the constant stress.

  • Helps improve blood circulation.

  • Enhancing strength and flexibility on our calve and feet

  • Helps alleviate the pain or soreness

  • Great for sports or daily activities


  • Silicone

  • Polycarbonate


  • Metax Technology

Direction of Care

  • Encourages to wear it daily

  • Possible to shower with it without losing its efficacy

 What's In The Box

  • 1 x Bracelet


  • Not Applicable