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Metax Supporter Knee Soft Type

by Phiten
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Phiten Metax Supporter Knee Soft 

Functional Yarn Adjustable Temperature Sleeve! 

Our sleeves also feature an original taping line strategically placed to provide unparalleled support to your elbow joint.

This technology helps improve blood circulation, reduce fluid body retention and swelling of joints, and relieve pain.

Designed to stabilize your joints, and compress the muscles, and surrounding tendons, providing a more comfortable movement.

Outlast® is a technology developed for the gloves used by NASA in space, and it maintains the surface temperature of the skin so that it does not get too cold even in extremely cold weather or too hot even in hot environments. 


  • Metax Technology


  • Polyester
  • Polyurethane
  • Cotton
  • Rayon 

    What's In The Box

    • 1 x Supporter 


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