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NEW AQUAGOLD Basic Series: Unveiling the Essence of Skin Activation

The AQUAGOLD Basic Series has undergone a complete transformation, introducing an advanced approach to skincare. Embrace a routine that not only enhances your skin's health but also illuminates its natural beauty.

Innovation in Daily Care:

  • Flora Balancer: Featuring "Flora Balancer" to nurture the skin's beneficial bacteria, this ingredient duo includes a lactobacillus-cultivated solubilizer and bifidobacterium bifidum culture solubilizer. These post-biotic and prebiotic moisturizing ingredients work synergistically to maintain your skin's hydration and natural protective barriers.

Light-Infused Skincare:

  • Photoactive Ingredients: Harness the power of "Phiten healthy light bathing" with Spirulina maxima extract, a moisturizing ingredient that's activated by light, enhancing your skin's radiant beauty.

Unisex Appeal:

  • Designed for all, the AQUAGOLD Basic Series breaks the boundary between men's and women's skincare. With a less sticky formulation, it's comfortably suitable for everyone's skin.

Long-Term Investment:

  • Skincare is a gift to your future self. This series is an investment in preserving and enhancing your skin's beauty for the years to come. Men, too, will appreciate the language of "beautiful skin" as they discover the benefits of this inclusive skincare line.

Features Across the Series:

  • The newly reimagined AQUAGOLD series includes a selection of products, each designed to integrate effortlessly into your daily skincare ritual. From lotions to serums and creams, each product is infused with skin-activating flora boosters and photoactive ingredients, promoting a balanced, hydrated, and firm complexion.
  • Aqua Gold Lotion b Skincare PhitenSG
    Aqua Gold Lotion b Skincare 200ml / AC106000 PhitenSG

    Aqua Gold Lotion b


    The AquaGold Lotion is a mist-type lotion that is gentle on the skin. The lotion can be applied either directly to the skin or over makeup The loti...

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  • AquaGold UV Cut Cream
    AquaGold UV Cut Cream
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