Star Series Pillow Case

by Phiten
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Lycra freshfx fibe eliminates odor from phiten pillow case

Eliminates odor with LYCRA® FreshFX®

Odor eliminating capacity with LYCRA®freshFX® fiber or a polyurethane fiber, which is elastic and absorbs several odors.

When mixed with antibacterial tencel fiber, it eliminates unwanted odor and reduces 98% of sweaty smell brought by ammonia, isovaleric acid, acetic acid and 2-nonenal.

phiten pillow case with natural silk
Phiten Aquatitan Technology

Infused with 3 times more Aqua Metal technology

AQUA TITAN helps to reorganise bioelectrical current disturbance and regulate blood circulation. Titanium is a hypoallergenic and biocompatible metal which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Phiten X30 Pillow Case

Has antibacterial properties

Antibacterial effect where 'DEOCELL' is the thread with antibacterial function, which suppresses the bacterial growth.

Made from Natural Silk

Natural silk, where 20% of silk is used in the fabric, provides a soft feeling to the skin and natural moisture-retention. Sericin, a protein found in the silk, promotes superior moisture absorption and desorption properties.

Phiten pillow wirh extendable fit